What We Do

Patricia Holt Schooling established Merton Books as a division of her independent business, Holt Schooling Public Relations, and it became a small publisher in its own right.  The first title was Eczema and Food Allergy – the Hidden Cause? – by Jennifer Worth, first published in 1997 and now in its third reprint. 

Merton Books later acquired the now globally famous trilogy, Call the Midwifebeing the first to publish this and Shadows of the Workhouse.  Merton Books has also published a number of booklets, notably the best-selling How to Eat Well Again on a Wheat, Gluten and Dairy Free Diet by Fran Crosthwaite (1998 and reprinted five times) and A Daughter Remembers Dylan by Aeronwy Thomas (2006).

Selected Books We've Published
Eczema and Food Allergy – the Hidden Cause?

Second edition 2007, updated with special contributions on immunotherapy

Call the Midwife

Now an acclaimed TV series, former midwife and eczema sufferer Jennifer Worth describes her experiences in London’s docklands in the 1950s.*

Shadows of the Workhouse

Despite being officially abolished in 1930, these appalling institutions lingered on and are still within living memory.*

How to Eat Well Again on a Wheat, Gluten and Dairy Free Diet

This handy survival guide lists forbidden foods and alternative and safe foods

A Daughter Remembers Dylan

Aeronwy Thomas, daughter of Welsh poet and playwright Dylan Thomas, recalls her childhood days

*Current editions from Orion Group Ltd
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